Potty Training Toddlers

While it is not easy to potty train a child, potty training boys can be doubly hard. Statistically, boys do take longer to train, but that fact shouldn’t discourage you from beginning the process. Keep in mind that when you gain your child’s trust and confidence, the potty training skills will follow.

Advice and tips from other parents on the process can be very helpful and comforting. Just know that your boy will be potty trained when he is ready and not before. Here are a few tips on how to potty train your son.

Although no one seems to understand why, it does take longer to potty train boys than it does for girls. The difference may be partially due to the fact that moms are usually the person responsible for potty training.

Without a male role model to imitate in the bathroom, boys may take a little longer to get the idea. Boys have more steps in the learning process as well. They first learn to potty sitting down and then learn how to potty train standing up.

Make sure your little boy become comfortable with using a potty chair before you transition to the main toilet. Having their own potty seems to encourage quicker potty learning. Give him enough time to pace his learning and often times when he is finally allowed to use the main toilet, he will become interested in potty training again, as he will feel like he is a big kid.

Getting him accustomed to the main toilet means sitting down to urinate. Once he shows that he can control himself consistently, it is the right time to demonstrate how to urinate while standing up. This part of the toddlers potty training process is more easily demonstrated by his father or another male family person.

Once he has mastered urinating sitting down, carol cline potty training in 3 days he can move up to the standing position. Try to arrange for Dad or an older brother to help with this step. Allow him to watch the process and then let your son try it out for himself in his potty chair.

Boys love a challenge, so if he seems disinterested, try floating a few Cheerios or other small targets that can be flushed in the toilet bowl. Until he refines his aim, expect to clean up a few training potty messes!

You should always encourage your son during the potty training process, even if it means he doesn’t get it right the first time or on subsequent attempts. It is just part of the training process to try and fail until the concept is mastered.

With commitment and patience, you can teach your little boy the correct way of using the toilet, though there may be many difficulties to contend with along the way. Hopefully, these potty training tips have helped you figure out how to potty train your son.

To do the said training, you should consider some things. One would be the readiness of your child.

Is Your Child Ready?

The key to be successful in potty training boys is to know when to start, and to know when your son is ready. Children tend to be ready for the training at the age of 18 months, but for some, it may not be until they reach the age of 4. Either way, perfect timing is what it requires, because if you begin before this, the process will surely take longer and bring you far from success.

How Will You Start and Do the Training?

You could start potty training boys by buying a new potty, this will help him be more comfortable, for it is easier to use and is less intimidating than using a full-sized toilet. It can also be moved easily from one place to another, and is easy for your child to hop on and off, even without your help.

An alternative can also be used to replace the potty seat. You can make a training seat that fits your regular-sized toilet seat, just make sure that it is attached firmly, and is comfortable for your boy. A footstep or something to step on should also be provided so that your child can climb on and off the toilet seat, even without your assistance.

Note that children are afraid of falling into the toilet, and if this happens, the anxiety that it might cause them can sometimes interfere with the success of the training.

If you are having a hard time in making your son sit on the potty, remember that children learn by imitation, and letting him watch his dad, a relative or a good friend use the toilet surely helps. Your son may also notice the difference on how his dad uses the toilet from his mom. This gives you the chance to explain to him the basic mechanics of how boys use a toilet. But as of the moment, you can just get him used to sitting on the potty whether he wee’s, or poo’s. You can also use his favorite stuffed toy, and demonstrate to him how the potty is used.

When your child accomplishes something, never forget to appreciate those. Give your son a reward for that will keep him driven and enthusiastic with the training. But when accidents happen, do not scold your child, for it might traumatize him.

Say Goodbye To Nappies!
Since your son is being trained in the morning, you should have a game plan to test and train him in the night. Once he wakes up in his sleep for few consecutive nights, with a dry nappy, then that is a sign that he can already control himself, and is already used to weeing or peeing in the potty.


And before you know it, you are already saving a penny for there is no need for you to buy diapers, cleaning wipes, diaper creams, and the likes. Potty training your boy also allows you to have more fun with the family, for you can go anywhere, since you are confident enough that your child knows how to use the toilet.