Potty Training Tips – Girls

Here are some valuable potty training tips for girls

Number one – if you are working on potty training your girl, leave dad out of this one unless he does it without you asking. I know that most modern women think that their husbands are akin to hairy women, but don’t fool yourself. If you were to get a truly honest answer from your spouse, I can guaranty that most men would say that they felt somewhat uncomfortable toilet training their daughter.

In the practical sense, asking people to teach a girl to wipe, for instance, can be quite awkward. They may be puzzled as to , potty training in 3 days book by carol cline ,which direction to wipe, or where to begin, from front to back or back to front. Due to a man’s nature, he probably won’t give this too much thought and allow your daughter to figure it out by herself. However, for hygienic reasons, wiping from back to front can lead to infection; therefore it is most important to teach your child the proper way from the beginning. Your husband, unless trained as a pediatrician or pediatric nurse, will probably not know this.

Additionally, some men are just not comfortable helping with child rearing tasks such as diaper changing and potty training. So, to avoid unwanted tension between you and your husband, the most practical potty training tips, girls is to not push the situation. One the other hand, many men today are very comfortable changing their baby’s diapers. If your husband is not, this is not to say that something is wrong with him. For those who are, I am only trying to gently make you aware that he may not be able to handle this experience very well. Some men are uncomfortable when it comes to handling these tasks. While he may not wish to share this with you, it still may cause him unnecessary anxiety. He may begin to doubt his mental and sexual health if he finds himself carrying individual images beyond the potty training lesson. Again, this does not mean that your mate has psychological problems, but men are so visually oriented that they should not be forced into uncomfortable situations.

On the other hand, most men will have no issue if asked to help potty training boys, because they can easily identify with their son, i.e. they know how all parts work and there is little chance for infection following improper cleaning as there is a girl. Now, let’s take it from the little girl’s point of view. Little girls sense that their fathers are different than they and their mother, but at a young age, apparently they don’t understand or know how they are different. Fathers, apparently, can’t demonstrate for their daughters how he uses the toilet as mothers can, but certainly, they can with their sons.

In all sincerity, the best potty training tips, girls, is not to corner your husband or your daughter into a situation that he or she is uncomfortable with, or which may lead to future tension. If you find him trying to help your daughter with toilet training on his own, then leave him be. He will decide if whether he is comfortable with the situation. If he is not, in most cases, he will call you for assistance, and you should graciously go to his rescue. If your husband is comfortable with the situation, in all likelihood so will your daughter.

If you are like some parents and believe that your girl will use the potty when ready, you need to consider the following adverse effects.

1. Health Problems can occur when girls potty training is done too late. Are you familiar with the condition called retentive encopresis? It occurs due to unresolved problems with constipation and starts showing between the ages of 3 and 4. This condition results from the stretching or even tearing of lower intestines. The result is enlarged, hardened stools and inability to have the bowel movement. This can cause other diseases such as megacolon and bladder infections.

2. Psychological problems can occur if girl potty training is not done early enough. Children can be ridiculed in their friend’s circle or embarrassed at daycare or preschool. This is because many of the other kids may not be using disposable diapers anymore.

3. Girls potty training becomes harder as they become older. This is because they will be more dependent on disposable diapers and will find it difficult to change. Girls potty training can be done as early as 18 months.

4. You will spend an additional 2000 dollars on diaper supplies for every year they continue to use disposable diapers. At the same time, you will be feeding national diaper companies that want your girl to use diapers as long as possible.

5. Disposable diapers are a great contributor to the landfill that society faces today and cause harm to the environment.

6. Girls potty training takes a tiny fraction of the time when compared to changing diapers every month. This a huge time waster and can be avoided.