Potty Training Procedure

Potty training is a vital stage in a child growth and can be considered as the most difficult milestone for the parents to achieve. Potty training takes time to learn. The potty training is a team effort between parent and child, and not a command and control situation. Do not pressure your child but instead, […]

Potty Training Readiness Signs

It is very frustrating if you start potty training before your child is ready. It is not the parent who decides when a child is ready to potty train; it is the child himself. Rushing the process tends to backfire to us parents, making the situation longer to succeed. All children reach toilet training readiness […]

When to Start Potty Training Your Toddler

Potty training is a very big milestone in your child’s development. This can also mean you can stop the habit of having to buy diapers twice a week. This will also mean that you don’t have the change those diapers too. If that’s not exciting to a parent, then I don’t know what is. Sometimes […]

How to Teach a Kid to Potty Train

It is a magical moment the first time the thought crosses your mind that your toddler may be ready to be potty trained. Before you get too far in this fantasy, you’ll want to check with reality and determine if your child is truly ready to begin toilet training. Why is this important? Not checking […]

Potty Training Problems? Worry No More

Potty training problems will almost always interfere the pace of teaching your toddler on how to help himself use the toilet. Always bear in mind that the course from completely getting him away of pull up diapers and winning the underpants agenda will surely not run smooth, prepare for some balks along the road and […]

Potty Training Toddlers

While it is not easy to potty train a child, potty training boys can be doubly hard. Statistically, boys do take longer to train, but that fact shouldn’t discourage you from beginning the process. Keep in mind that when you gain your child’s trust and confidence, the potty training skills will follow. Advice and tips […]

How to Potty Train child in a Week

Learning how to potty train your child should be a positive experience for you and your child. However, in order to succeed, you will need to take several things into account. First, is the understanding that it is a normal everyday personal task. Remember that the task at hand is all about your child or […]

Potty Training Problems and Solutions

It can be a real testing time for parents when you start potty training your toddler. No matter how much you want to handle it softly and lovingly there may be times that you may run out of patience and end up giving up. Well not now. Read along to know what might be the […]

Potty Training Boys

Once you’ve found that your young boy is ready (irrespective of his age), keep to these elementary concepts and start toilet training your boy! Ensure that your child does have a well established routine and additionally that there aren’t any potential distractions which could get in the way of the child being receptive to this […]